Pippa and Panda

Remember Pippa and Panda? Pippa was found in a garbage bag with 2 other siblings at the age of only a few days old, and Panda was found abandoned on the side of the road at the same age just a few hours later. Because they were found almost simultaneously, we thought that it was some type of a sign, that it meant something for the kittens but we weren’t sure what exactly that was just yet... Our first priority was to save these little munchkins and find them a foster parent who’d be able to care for them. We were lucky to have a wonderful foster @kittenbnb to take care of the kittens. Growing up, Pippa had many health issues, and at some point the vets even though she won’t make it. She was the smallest out of the bunch and often was left behind when they were racing around and playing. But she never gave up and continued getting bigger and stronger, never stopping to surprise us with her will to live. Panda was always there to support her, and we began to wonder- what if these two stay together forever? Two kittens were inseparable... And guess what? The potential adopter noticed that too. This is what we call a happily ever after! After months of waiting for their official adoption, this finally has happened! Pippa and Panda will stay together forever and ever! And their forever mommy is already spoiling them rotten 🥰🥰 To be updated on their post-adoption adventures, follow them here https://instagram.com/pippa.and.patch.cats


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