A good samaritan found Pookie on the side of the road. He rushed him to the doctor but could not cover the medical cost of such a horrific case. We were contacted and asked if we would be able to try and save Pookie's life. After seeing the images of what was done to this poor cat, we knew that we couldn't let him die without at least trying to save him. Pookie has been admitted to the emergency hospital, where first he had to be stabilized. The next step was to take chest X-rays to make sure there was no thoracic trauma. The doctors informed us that he would need an enucleation and jaw wiring plus other mandibular fracture repairs. It was too much for one small cat. We knew that, but Pookie fought so hard not to die, and we knew that we had to do the same for him. After a few excruciating days at the emergency hospital, Pookie went to a foster home with one of his doctors while he has to eat through the tube. This way, he kept getting top-notch care while in a comfortable home setting. At this time, we knew that together with dozens of supporters who contributed to Pookie's medical bills, we saved Pookie’s life, and now we got to watch him take small steps towards his happily ever after. Who knew that it wouldn't make Pookie wait for too long! His doctor hence foster, realized that Pookie wasn't going anywhere pretty quickly. And that was it- our brave kitty has found his forever home with the same person who nursed him back to health from day one. We couldn't have asked for a better ending of his journey with us. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Pookie!


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