Puma was abandoned outside our shelter with another cat a few months ago. They were left there early in the night, so Puma spent the whole night in a small carrier, waiting for us to find him in the morning. We took the two cats and placed them in a foster home. As the saying goes, "One person's trash is another's treasure," and that's exactly what Puma became to us—a treasure. However, sadly, just a couple of days later, there was a flood, and during that time, Puma escaped from his foster home. We were so worried! It was too soon after he was found for us to have a chance to microchip him, and he looked like many other black stray cats, making him hard to identify. We were absolutely heartbroken and worried that we would never find him. But Puma is a smart boy! He went on an adventure, and then a few days later, he simply returned to the home he had run away from. We were so relieved! Especially after it was confirmed that he hadn't caught any diseases while outside. Then, a couple of months later, as we were closing for the holidays, we had to place Puma in a foster home for a month. As you probably guessed, his foster home became his forever one. That's what we call a happily ever after!


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