This precious 13-year-old dog found herself abandoned at a kill shelter. It was evident that she was utterly bewildered by the sudden transition to such a lonesome and frightening place. Despite the confusion, her demeanor reflected a history of love and care, displaying openness and trust. We could only speculate about what unfortunate circumstances led to this situation with her previous owners. However, in that moment, it was imperative to take action. We promptly rescued Puppy and vowed to provide her with a second chance at life.

Observing Puppy settle comfortably into her foster home after being saved from the kill shelter filled our hearts with warmth. She quickly befriended the foster's cats and won over everyone's affections in a matter of days. Somehow, we had a feeling that Puppy's foster mom would find it difficult to part ways with her... And that's what we refer to as a foster fail. From being a forsaken senior abandoned at the kill shelter to becoming a foster dog, and now a cherished family member—it has been quite the journey. May you relish every moment of your life, sweet Puppy! We will forever hold you dear in our hearts. ❤


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