After receiving various calls from people concerned about a dog whimpering from a basement behind a closed gate in Brooklyn, a group of AMA volunteers visited the building and found a scared female Yorkie tied to a motorcycle without proper food and water. The basement stench of garbage from the tenants, dirt, beer cans, dirty clothing, the dog's urine making the air very uncomfortable to breathe due to the lack of proper ventilation. One of the tenants ran into us in the basement, who said the super of the building was taking care of the dog. However, there was no clear story regarding the whereabouts of the super. ‪

#teamAMA wasn’t going to leave this pup without answers. Aside from a little Yorkie, we found another surprise- the rabbit. AMA called the police immediately and shortly after they arrived another gentleman arrived who claimed to be taking care of the dog on behalf of the super, however, the gentlemen lived in Staten Island. Story after story, lie after lie, we still had a hard time figuring out where the actual owner of the dog was, until we finally were able to reach him, enjoying his weekend getaway. And of course, he refused to surrender the animals at first. But we were not going to just leave two neglected pets after witnessing the horrific conditions they’ve been living in. We could not allow for these animals to spend the night alone unsure if they will receive proper food and care.

After an hour of back and forth between the super who continuously changed the story regarding his possession of the dog, the temporary caretaker – who received a ticket for improper animal care- and the police trying to do the right thing while not breaking any laws, the super was convinced to surrender the dog as well as the bunny that allegedly has been living there for a while. The time the Yorkie spent in the basement is unknown, her excitement as we brought her out to the street and how easily she trusted the volunteers said it all.

Last night two angels spent the night safe and sound with caring people. The Yorkie was rushed to medical boarding at Animal Kind and the bunny is under an AMA volunteers care until we find a rescue for exotic animals. We named the Yorkie Queenie (Wonder why)? Because she deserves to be a little queen after everything she has been through. She went to the emergency hospital for an immediate check-up and medical care. No matter what past Queenie had, look at her now- the time of neglect didn’t break her spirit. She is ready for the next chapter in her life, and we are excited to announce that she finally found her forever parents, and is now living the life.


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