When it rains it pours, and for our poor kitten, Rain, that was sadly true. Remember her back in November? When we found Rain, she was in critical condition, trembling and shaking from the pain of a broken jaw. We jumped into action and whisked her to an emergency hospital, where the vets spent hours stabilizing her and putting her jaw back together again. We were scared she might not make it, but Rain was feisty and brave. She survived her surgery and, over weeks in medical boarding, she got strong enough to go to a foster home. Once she got there, she really began to thrive. After a life of pain, the skies were clearing for Rain, and the clouds showed their silver linings. Now that her jaw was better, Rain got to focus on being a kitty, and her unique personality came out. Daring and brave, Rain explored the world around her like a pro and never stopped playing. And guess what happened next? Her foster mom was so taken with baby Rain that she decided to take the next step, and finally adopted Rain and became her forever mom! We're so glad that Rain survived such an ordeal and can now bask in the good life in a home full of love--and places to explore. Go Rain!


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