This was in 2017 - the time we first rescued Rascal. He was severely malnourished, timid, and bore many healed scars, leading us to suspect he may have been used in dog fighting. We nursed him back to health and managed to find him a wonderful home quite swiftly. Unfortunately, his adopter gave him excessive freedom, allowing him to roam off-leash in the woods every day. This led to the development of a strong prey drive, causing him to chase squirrels, and rabbits, and, ultimately, to develop severe dog aggression. Recognizing their mistake, the adopter reached out, but they were ill-equipped to address this issue. Therefore, we welcomed Rascal back into our care and provided him with the same board and train program we offer to all our animals. Once we save a life, we believe in a lifelong commitment to its well-being. About a year after his first surrender, right before the pandemic, we found Rascal another home, which seemed great. But again, things didn’t work out the way we’d hoped: once lockdown was done, and the adopter had to go back to work, Rascal developed severe anxiety. The second adopter had no time to deal with that… This news broke our hearts! We couldn’t understand why no one could fight for this sweet dog the way they promised they would. He most definitely deserved it! And so, once again, Rascal was returned to us. We welcomed our boy with open arms. That was in 2022. You might have seen one of Rascal's videos where he lovingly presses his face against the glass from inside his crate. Well, almost every one of those videos went viral on Instagram, turning Rascal into something of a celebrity! Our boy put in tremendous effort to find his third, and this time, a truly forever home. Despite millions of views and thousands of people cheering for him, hoping he'd find a loving family, it took quite some time. But then it happened! An incredible family applied for Rascal and drove 5 hours back and forth, TWICE, to make this adoption possible. This is exactly what we had been waiting for. In Rascal's case, the saying "third time's the charm" couldn't be more true. ❤️ Enjoy the rest of your life, big boy! You will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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