When Raven was just a little kitty, her prospects didn't look good. Abandoned and alone, he lived on the streets, getting skinnier and skinnier until she could barely move. Luckily one of our volunteers saw him, alone and covered in fleas, and rushed him to the hospital in the nick of time. And when Raven got out of the hospital, that same volunteer was right there, ready to nurse him back to health. After weeks of care and lots of love, Raven was finally ready to meet his furever family. But he wasn't sure he would. After all, black cats have a much harder time getting adopted than their light-colored companions. Still, Raven believed that someone would see him for the beautiful creature he is. And guess what? That's exactly what happened! Another volunteer's family member noticed this cutie and snatched him right away. Now Raven and his awesome dad are living a life in Queens, NY and we couldn't imagine a better home for our little guy.


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