This precious pup had a rough start, encountering a scary accident when she was hit by a car. Thankfully, a kind-hearted Good Samaritan rushed her to the emergency hospital, where we received the call for assistance. Despite the challenges she faced, Reya's determination and spirit never wavered. With the love and support of our amazing community, she underwent a successful surgery for a complete leg amputation, ensuring she could have the quality of life she deserves. Adjusting to life as a tripod, Reya showed incredible resilience and adaptability. She's now embracing her new reality with grace and enthusiasm, her boundless energy and joy shining through every moment. And we're over the moon to announce that Reya has found her forever dad! Their connection was instant, and we know they'll share countless adventures and cherished moments together. We're forever grateful to everyone who played a part in Reya's journey, from the Good Samaritan who rescued her to the dedicated medical team and all of you who supported her along the way. Here's to a bright and beautiful future for our sweet girl, filled with love, happiness, and endless tail wags!


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