Remember Riley? One of the kittens we rescued almost a year ago. He was the only boy of the litter and became his sisters’ fierce protector. He and his three sisters were just over that age when it’s easy to start socializing stray kittens. So from the start, all four of them refused to be held or even being touched. But we couldn’t simply TNR them. They weren’t feral, just fearful. And so we had hope that with patience and time, we were going to see some changes. All we had to do was wait and see… Luckily after months and months of socialization Riley finally began showing some improvements. At first, we could touch him, which turned into a long petting session that eventually became full handling. And we couldn’t be happier with the outcome! All we had to do afterward was to find a great family for our special kitty. We had to wait for almost a whole year for that day to come. And it is finally here! Riley’s happily ever after is no longer a dream. He has two wonderful parents who will love and cherish him forever. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Riley!


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