Remember Romeo, our miracle dog who first was completely paralyzed on all four legs, and then made a full recovery? Whatever injury Romeo suffered that caused him to be paralyzed didn't break his spirit. After weeks and weeks of physical therapy, he began walking again. After a month, he was ready to run. And even though his neurologist was pleased with the progress of his back, we couldn’t understand why Romeo’s eyes were constantly tearing up. After a thorough examination, he was diagnosed with Entropion, a condition in which the eyelids are turned inward. Romeo’s eyelashes were rubbing against his eyelids, causing constant irritation and discomfort. While he was lucky enough to avoid any back surgeries, he couldn't avoid surgery to correct his eyelids. So we did what we always do- we got it done! Despite being such a good boy, Romeo still had trouble finding his forever home. We've got multiple applications, but because there was no certainty on how his spinal injury will affect Romeo in the future, many reconsidered their decision to adopt him. But we never gave up, never stopped looking! How could we? Romeo was a perfect example of perseverance, and we knew that we couldn't disappoint him. And boy, we were right. This one special someone was just around the corner. After almost 4 long months, Romeo made his biggest wish come true. He is no longer a homeless dog, and with pride in our hearts, we can finally say that he found his one true forever home. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet boy Romeo! We will always miss you. ❤️


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