Roxie was one of the five kittens from the rescued litter. Being sick with a cold was tough, but once we found out they had ringworm, it became a whole new ordeal. Immediately, no foster was willing to take them, and no clinic wanted to board them. So, we had no choice but to keep the babies at the shelter and treat them there. Our amazing volunteers will never forget the protective clothing, sleeves, and tons of gloves they had to change while caring for the little munchkins. But ringworm never stopped us from loving and doing what's right by Roxie and her siblings.

Once Roxie and her litter were finally healthy, fixed, and ready for adoption, some of the siblings started to get adopted. But Roxie was still waiting... However, she didn't mind it one bit. She was everyone's favorite at the shelter and received so much love and attention that she seemed to enjoy staying with us for as long as she needed.

After many long months of waiting, Roxie was finally no longer homeless! She was adopted by an incredible family who spoils Roxie all day, every day. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet kitty. We will always miss you!


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