Sean Paul

Sean Paul was one of the toughest cases from the recent hoarding situation when we rescued 20+ dogs and 5 cats from one tiny house. He was 14 years old, blind, malnourished, had a terrible skin disease and on top of all of that we discovered two testicular masses. But we wanted to save him even more when we've learned about all of his health issues. Eventually he had to undergo the full removal of the scrotum and, unfortunately, the biopsy showed positive for cancer. However, our amazing vets at Noah's Ark Veterinary Practice were able to get the margins and take it all out. Sean Paul has had it bad. In our care, he had undergone multiple procedures before we can even think to start looking for a home for him. And since he was 14 years old when we rescued him, we were terrified that he wouldn't make it through the surgeries. Perseverance is the only word that comes to mind when we think about all that Sean Paul has been through. After weeks of rehabilitation, we were positive that Sean Paul has a good chance of a great life. We knew that one special person will give Sean Paul this chance, and this elderly pup will finally learn what it is to be loved and cared for. Eventually, we found a great forever home in PA. To think that our 14-year-old boy with such a serious past of health issues and neglect can actually find a home where he can run around freely during the day and be loved and cherished by his new human family at night, overwhelmed us with joy. And today, Sean Paul is living his happily ever after.


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