Remember Sequoia? He was a member of a hoarding rescue case. Sequoia was one of the dogs who are scared to step on the grass when he was first taken outside. He would shy away from scary things like loud sounds or flying plastic bags on the street. We were worried about his adjustment process, and we were hoping to find an experienced foster we could trust. Luckily, one of our previous adopters, whose dog passed away recently (RIP Britney ❤), reached out to us that she's ready to foster again. Because we already knew this person, we knew this would be a perfect household for Sequoia to decompress and learn all about how to be a dog all over again. Little that we knew,  Sequoia's foster home would soon become his forever home! Not only did he tolerated the cat of the house, but he also became best friends with her! We couldn't have wished for a better happy ending than this.


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