Remember our gorgeous girl Seraphina? She was rescued by AMA at 2 months from an abuse case. Seraphina was lucky enough to come across our rescue and so we immediately took her in. And just like that, she was ready to start her journey to find her forever home. This little angel was a little sad at first from the weeks she spent at the shelter, but it didn’t stop her from eventually opening up and becoming the most loving puppy. She was growing to be the best kisser in the neighborhood and won over every dog or a person who was lucky enough tp cone across Seraphina. Our chocolate pup loved to get belly rubs and have a good snuggle with her foster, but she was ready to get her paws on her forever family! And guess what? We are so excited to announce that Seraphina has found her home! She became another foster failure (how could anyone let this beauty go?!). And it even comes with a fellow puppy playmate! We know that Seraphina will always see love and care reflected in her gorgeous grey eyes. Welcome home Seraphina!


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