We rescued Sith from a kill shelter at the beginning of 2022. He was sick, had a severe skin infection, and mange. Most of his hair was missing. Sick dogs don’t usually do well at places like that, so we knew we had to step in. As Sith got better and his fur grew back, his personality started to shine through. Only, it was somewhat of a challenging one. Sith was young and untrained, very stubborn and mischievous. His favorite thing was to pick up garbage from the ground on his walks and then snap at anyone who'd try to take it away from him. Only a selected few could put a harness on our little guy, the rest would get teeth. And his favorite thing was to look you in your eyes and pee on the floor inside as if asking, so what are you going to do about that? The next favorite thing- wait till you clean it, and do it again immediately after. Sith was a handful, and his behavioral issues scared many potential adopters away. He required too much time, too much work. But we knew that underneath it all was a young, loving dog who just needed to be shown how to be a good boy. All he needed was a chance. We believe every pet has that one adopter meant just for them. And luckily, Sith has found him! Our little, rumbustious boy is no longer homeless. Enjoy the rest of your life, Sith. We will always miss you. ❤️


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