Sky and Buttercup

Remember Skye and Buttercup? Both babies were rescued from the streets when a Good Samaritan witnessed an unfortunate situation: someone placed them by the garbage can and walked away. They were just four weeks old, and already someone abandoned them in such a horrific way! Luckily someone noticed and alerted us so we could save these two precious angels. That is how Skye and Buttercup's journey to their happily ever after began. It took us some time to get Skye and Buttercup to be healthy again, but once they did, we knew that someone special would soon apply to adopt them both. Because after everything they've been through, we didn't have the heart to adopt them separately. One of our amazing volunteers decided to adopt both Skye and Buttercup. Little that we knew, their happily ever after was closer than any of us could have guessed! And the rest is history! Enjoy the rest of your lives, sweet angels. We will never forget you!


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