We rescued Smiley from the hoarding situation on 10/15/16. On this day we rescued over 20 dogs and one of the things we made sure to do was give them appropriate names. We took one look at Smiley and his name was clear to us. This guy was literally smiling at us, so grateful and happy to be rescued. When it came time to foster, one family, in particular, fell in love with Smiley at first sight and they took him as a foster baby so that they can see his smile every day. Smiley's foster mom and dad made it very clear to us that they are head over heels for Smiley and if they got the chance to adopt him, they would love him forever and a day! Smiley was the king of their home and it was evident he belonged there. There was only one thing left to do and that was for them to make it official, so of course, they adopted him! Now they will be giving each other smiles every day of their life.


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