Remember Spanky? He's travelled far to come to NY to find his forever family. He's originally from Texas - due to unfortunate circumstances he wasn't able to find his forever home there, and it was decided that he had a better chance in finding his happily ever after someplace else. So he joined an AMA family last Fall. After just a few short weeks being with us, Spanky already considered himself a true New Yorker. He fell in love with the people and the NY vibes, all the smells and noises- even though NY is much busier than Texas- all of it made him feel right at home! As an active New Yorker, Spanky liked to spend time outside and interact with his friends, human and furry ones alike. Spanky was so awesome that he caught the attention of a wonderful couple who couldn't resist his handsomeness. And it didn't take long to figure out that Spanky and these people were just made for each other. This is what a Happily Ever After looks like for our sweet boy, Spanky. Enjoy the rest of your life!


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