Sparkle was the last kitten who survived from her litter. When the kitten season comes it always turns into a season of tragedies. One day or even one hour can be too late to save a life. Thankfully, one kind-hearted AMA supporter was there on time to notice Sparkle and contacted us, asking for help. We couldn't turn her down. Sparkle was just one month old when her life was hanging by a thread. She was rushed to the vet clinic where she received immediate medical care, which ultimately saved her life. As days went by, and strength started coming back to Sparkle, she was getting more and more depressed being locked in the cage 24/7. We were desperate for this sweet and playful kitty to find an amazing foster home. But as we were hoping and waiting, something amazing happened. We found not only a foster but a forever home for our girl. She couldn't believe her luck, and in exchange for saving her life, she decided to be the most adorable kitty-cat her adopter father could hope for!


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