We were contacted about a severe cat neglect case. When we arrived at the scene, we found a young cat in a filthy cage riddled with cockroaches, mice, and garbage. We learned that she spent the first nine months of her life in that cage, without any contact from humans or other cats. She was a tiny kitten overwhelmed with a huge sense of neglect. When she was first rescued, she was terrified of humans because of the cruel isolation that she lived in. She appeared to be completely feral, and we weren't sure what was the best course of action... She was feral, yes- but she wasn't an outside cat either, we couldn't just release her. So we placed her in boarding with the wonderful vets at Noah's Ark Veterinary Practice while hoping to find an experienced foster who would help us. Spirit thought all humans would behave like the one that kept her trapped in that cage at the hoarder house, but she was pleasantly surprised when we placed her with an experienced foster. Her foster mom said she was in awe at how much Spirit has thrived after just a few weeks. She went from shivering at a glance from humans to purring while being pet. She went from not knowing how to interact with toys to being the most playful little lady. She sat on her foster mom’s lap every day and waited in anticipation for her to shower her with the affection she so desperately craved now. Spirit even loved other cats! We knew that we would have to wait a long time to find the perfect forever home for Spirit. But we also knew that our patience would be rewarded- and boy were we right! An absolutely wonderful family applied to adopt Spirit. They were captivated by her story and wished nothing more but to give her the loving forever home that she so desperately deserved. They even prepared a whole room for Spirit to have time to adjust and come out of her shell whenever she was ready. It took weeks for Spirit to stop hiding and it took even longer before she allowed anyone to touch her, but just look at her now! So spoiled, so comfortable, so loved! This is what happily ever after looks like. Enjoy the rest of your life, Spirit!


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