Stanion aka Arya

AMA has always promised to help animals from near and far away. So when we had our chance to get involved with Soi Dog Foundation we were more than happy to bring our first dog from Thailand to NYC! The Soi Dog Foundation does amazing work to rescue dogs from the meat trade. When we first met Stanion, she was very timid to all the New York City busy street sounds! We luckily had the perfect fosters who have fostered for AMA many times before. Stanion even had the help of Jaxx, an AMA grad, to be a super helpful foster brother. These pups became two peas in a pod and formed such a loving bond. Stanion slowly grew her confidence and was the sweetest girl. All she had needed was a little love! Stanion's foster family (including Jaxx!) knew they couldn't part with her. Can you guess what happened next? Stanion is joining such a lovely family and we are so happy for her to always be treated like the princess she is! You can follow along Stanion's (now Arya) happily ever after on her and her brother Jaxx's Instagram @jaxx.and.arya


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