Poor Stormy's early life was pretty stormy itself. When we found this kitty last October, he had a prolapsed rectum and was writhing in pain. We rushed him to the vet office where doctors did surgery after surgery without success, his prolapse kept coming back. But we didn't give up--and neither did Stormy! Eventually, after consulting with a specialist, we decided that the only way for Stormy to get better is to do more invasive surgery. And it came with no surprise when, after a tough surgery and a loooooong recovery, Stormy pulled through! This little fighter was intent on living a happy and healthy life! Now it was up to us to find him a good life. And guess what? After struggling for so long, Stormy finally got his biggest wish to come through! Two of our wonderful AMA supporters saw Stormy and just knew he had to be part of their family. They'd already adopted another cat from us--the adorable Cheerio--and were ready to grow their fur family. So, after fostering Stormy for a short (and very challenging) time, they took the plunge and signed adoption papers. ❤️ Now Stormy has a home--and a fur-sister, and a forever family--all his own. Miracles DO happen!


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