Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was rescued from ACC with a large, necrotic tumor, defying the odds by surviving such a severe condition. Fortunately, we arrived just in time and rushed her to the emergency hospital on January 1st of this year. Her case turned out to be the most expensive one we’ve handled so far, costing over $17,000, but every penny was worth it. After undergoing surgery, a blood transfusion, and an extended hospitalization, Sweet Pea made a remarkable recovery. Despite the challenges, including the likelihood of her cancer returning and her not being a young dog, her story took a wonderful turn. Sweet Pea waited six long months to find her forever home, and now she is living her best life in her adoptive home, surrounded by love and comfort. She enjoys long walks, cozy naps, and endless affection from her new family. Sweet Pea’s journey from a critical condition to a happy, healthy life is nothing short of miraculous, marking another heartwarming success story.


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