When we rescued Tac, she was suffering from respiratory problems, lethargy, lack of appetite, and dehydration. Tiny Tac had been enduring these terrible conditions for too long, so we immediately rushed her to the emergency hospital, hoping to save her life. To our relief, Tac refused to give up. She fought hard and pulled through. Just when we thought Tac’s ordeal was over, we discovered she had ringworm, which required months of treatment. Luckily, she had an amazing foster family who supported and cared for her through it all. Slowly but surely, Tac left her horrible past behind and eventually healed completely. By that time, her foster family had decided they couldn’t let her go and chose to adopt her. Tac was adopted by her foster family and now she’s living her best life. We couldn’t be happier! Enjoy the rest of your life, little Tac.


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