Teddy is the sweetest boy. He's been found on the street, extremely matted. There were many other signs of neglect- he was covered in fleas, coughing, and scared of his own shadow. So we so were happy to welcome Teddy into the AMA family because that meant that he'd finally be able to enjoy the love and care that he's been clearly missing. Luckily, a great foster opened up their hearts and their homes for this sweet pup. They told us that Teddy's favorite thing was to be around his people in a quiet environment where he could be the center of attention. He even learned to do the trick with his little paws to call attention to himself when they'd look away for just a moment. Unfortunately, Teddy was also diagnosed with a heart murmur, which we were afraid, would delay finding his forever family. But boy, how wrong we were! A wonderful family filled out the adoption application, and they didn't mind his condition in the slightest. That is precisely the type of a forever family we've been looking for Teddy: someone who'd love him no matter what, forever and ever. The rest is history. Enjoy the rest of your life, Teddy! We will always miss you.


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