We rescued Teddy from unimaginably deplorable conditions, leaving us in disbelief at what we witnessed. Fortunately, a compassionate woman spotted him on the street, managed to retrieve him, and promptly reached out to us for assistance. Without hesitation, we responded to this urgent plea for help, fully aware that with your support, we could undoubtedly save Teddy's life.

Teddy was in such excruciating pain that we couldn't possibly shave his severely matted fur while he was awake. Therefore, we had to sedate him, and it took three technicians working tirelessly for over three hours to accomplish the task. Simultaneously, we performed necessary dental surgery, as Teddy's teeth were also in a dreadful state. The thought of the years of discomfort this poor dog endured is simply heart-wrenching. However, once the procedures were completed, we knew he would experience significant improvement and, hopefully, be able to leave his troubled past behind. The prospect of witnessing Teddy's pain-free future and finding him a loving forever home made us so happy.

It didn't take long for Teddy to emerge from his shell and wholeheartedly embrace the newfound life free from neglect that we provided. He quickly became a favorite among our volunteers, and we knew it wouldn't be long until he found his forever family. This is what happily ever after looks like for Teddy. He is no longer a neglected, homeless dog. Instead, he is cherished as a beloved family member with humans he can truly call his own for the rest of his life. Enjoy every moment, dear little guy! We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. ❤


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