Tiger was found wobbling on the street in dire need of medical attention. One of her eyes was ruptured. Her other eye was also in extremely poor condition, with both eyelids fused together. We knew we had to step in upon discovering Tiger's state. We rushed her to the hospital, where the doctors decided that she needed immediate surgery. Tiger's ruptured eye is leaking, causing her immense pain and discomfort. Despite all the challenges ahead of Tiger, she deserved a second chance at life! And we were determent to provide it! Once the doctor removed the ruptured eye, he tried to save her second eye by separating the fused eyelids. Because that second eye has never been open, we weren’t sure what we’d find underneath. Or if she’d be able to use it at all. But as always, we tried. And now we had to wait and see… And even though the remaining eye stayed cloudy, Tiger still had some sort of vision. Which is what we were hoping for! The next step was to find Tiger her forever family. Sadly, not many people wanted an almost blind kitty with one cloudy eye. Though we never gave up hope, we kept waiting. And guess what? After months of waiting, the miracle has happened! Tiger caught an eye of a wonderful person who decided to make our one-eye kitten part of their family. And just like that, Tiger found her happily ever after! We couldn’t be happier!


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