Remember our handsome pup Timon? His life was not all "hakuna matata" when he was rescued by AMA, but he was ready to start his journey to find his own Pride Rock. This two and half-month-old brindle pit mix was a total beauty, so we knew it wouldn't take long to find his pride! Even though Timon had been through a lot before coming to AMA, that didn't keep him from giving kisses to everyone he met! We got him into a wonderful foster home and he started to thrive. Timon even had great foster siblings who became his Pumbas and showed him the ropes of being a good dog! Thanks to the wonderful foster parents, in no time Timon was ready to meet his forever family. Timon was able to perfect his puppy head tilt and had a blast every day playing with his foster siblings. This little charmer was having such a fun time in his foster home, but he wondered, "When will I find my forever home?" until one day we received an adoption application that caught our eyes immediately. With the first glance just knew that this is it- this is Timon’s forever home. His new family fell in love with him instantly and knew he had to become a part of their family! We are so happy for Timon and are so proud how far he's come from when he was first rescued by AMA. Special thanks to his foster family who loved this sweet boy dearly and cared for him as if he was their own. ❤️


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