This is Toby, and he's travelled far to come to NY to find his forever family. He's originally from Texas, but due to unfortunate circumstances he wasn’t able to find his forever home there, and it was decided that he had a better chance in finding his happily ever after on the other side of the country. In only a few days he already considered himself a true New Yorker. He loved every person he'd meet on the busy streets, the smells and noises - everything excited Toby and made him feel right at home. But one thing was still missing - his own forever family who would make him feel complete. His other siblings found their homes relatively fast, but Toby was the last one looking ... And what we've learned from this story is that sometimes the right family is so worth the wait. When Toby met his mom-to-be, it was like a love from the first sight. They just clicked and that was it. Today, Toby is no longer a homeless boy from Texas. Today he's a New Yorker with a place he can call his own.




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