We rescued Toby from a kill shelter. He came to us very sick and neglected, his right eye was protruding out of his eye socket and he had a terrible cold. As soon as he came under our care, he received emergency medical help to try and save his eye. Unfortunately, it was too late and doctors had to remove it. But this didn’t stop Toby from being the happy-go-lucky dog we all came to love. We knew that he deserve the most special family! Toby easily became on of the most loved dogs at the shelter. He loved his play time but mostly would like his belly rubs and nap time. His eye was gone but he recuperated in no time. It was time to find him his forever family! After so much pain and trauma, our boy only deserved the best home. And one day we received the email we were all waiting for! Toby found his forever home!! This amazing couple knew how special our boy was and of course we were so thrilled that Toby would be able to live the rest of his life with his family. Enjoy all the love you’ll be receiving!


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