Whiskers was found laying on the street crying for help when a young group of caring individuals swooped in to save him. Thankfully, they called us at AMA, and we sprang into action. Whiskers was visibly distressed but there was no apparent sign of injury, and upon arrival at the emergency hospital, it was determined that he had suffered some type of severe head trauma. His symptoms seemed neurological judging by the way he was unable to stand or walk properly. Even though his prognosis was bleak, we refused to give up on him. We decided to keep him at the hospital and provide him with supportive care for a few days to see if he would show any improvement. And to everyone's surprise involved with the case- he did just that! Slowly but surely, Whiskers started getting up and moving around. He started eating on his own and exploring his new surroundings. We knew that great things lie ahead of him and that he would be able to live a normal life. Unfortunately, he did test positive for FIV, but that didn't deter us from being confident that we would still find him his forever home. We were lucky enough to find a foster who was willing to take an FIV+ cat, and even luckier when she eventually decided to adopt him. Whiskers is now living in his forever home and has his own Instagram account! If you'd like to follow his adventures, you can do so by clicking here www.instagram.com/thechroniclesofchewie/. 


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