Windy and Thunder

Windy and Thunder are two siblings who came to us from a kill shelter with two other sisters and their mama cat. All the kittens from the litter came to us sick, so we had to bring them to the vet for various reasons, from respiratory infections to upset stomachs and infections. But luckily, with a lot of TLC, everyone pulled through and was ready to be put up for adoption. Because Windy and Thunder became inseparable, we knew that breaking their perfect union wouldn't be right. So the decision was made to keep the kitties together forever and find a home that would want both of them to become a part of a family. After we decided that Thunder and Windy absolutely must stay together, we knew it might be a bit of a wait before we found the right family. But boy, it was worth the wait! Both cats are now adopted together and even have their own Instagram account here- >! Follow them to be a part of their journey.


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