Zeus's original owners went on vacation and left their 7-month-old puppy with a friend, who had two other large dogs. Little did they know that a dog-sitting gig would turn out to be a nightmare. The sitter's dogs attacked Zeus and hurt him pretty badly. However, the person didn't speak any medical attention, nor did they alert the owners of what transpired. A few days later, when owners came to pick up Zeus, he was already lethargic, half of his head swollen with infection. They rushed him to the vet's office, but it was quickly determent that Zeus's condition was way past regular treatment. He had to be rushed to the emergency, nearly going into sepsis, but unfortunately, the owners weren't able to pay these bills and asked to euthanize Zeus. This was when the vet's office contacted us for help. Zeus was young and otherwise healthy, he deserved someone to fight for him. And, despite the difficulties of this case, we accepted the poor pup under our care and rushed him to the emergency hospital. Sadly, this was just the begging of a months-long journey of survival... At just 7 months old, this poor dog has experienced more pain and trauma than most, and after a month of doctors working round the clock to care for him at the emergency hospital, he was still not out of the woods. During that time, he received multiple daily bandage changes that were so painful it required anesthesia and at least 3 people to be done. It's been over a month of intensive care at the emergency hospital for Zeus. Over a month of the daily struggle to survive, to get better. And once he was ready to leave, we knew the next step would be to find him a perfect forever family. Zeus deserved his happily ever after! Eventually, after eight long months, Zeus finally found his happily ever after! He now has his own forever family and big furry sister. This is truly one of the most incredible success stories of all time. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Zeus! You're a real fighter, and we will always miss you.

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