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We need more Angels like you! Having a pet is a huge responsibility and a lifelong commitment; this involves a number of expenses associated with taking care of your pet. Now imagine having these expenses multiplied by a couple dozens or even hundreds of animals with a limited budget. This is exactly what most rescues encounter annually; they deal with great financial obstacles due to the amount of animals abandoned and or neglected every day. Animal cruelty inevitably happens countless times daily in our current world. The voiceless is one of the most exploited of all species across the globe and they need our help in getting a second chance to live a healthy, loving life under a forever home. Animals are some of the most loyal beings you will ever come across and are an absolute joyful addition to many people’s lives. By joining our Angel’s club, you will help a recovering, rescued animal a chance at a new life with the loving family it deserves. Any donation, even as small as $5, will help an animal be provided with the most basic needs for a speedy and healthy recovery. Become an Angel today and be part of a greater mission to bring about an end to trauma to these scarred souls have had to endure.

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Calling all Amazon shoppers! Angels for Mistreated Animals, AMA, is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. We need your help to give our animals the items they need as they recover in our care. Ever look into an animal’s eyes, know that they need/want something, but just couldn’t quite pin down what they were saying? Luckily for all of our generous patrons, at AMA we not only help rescue these furry bundles of love, but we translate for them as well! With every animal we take under our angel wings, we work with them to compile a list of all their needs and desires, then post them on a list for all of our donors to check out here. Okay, so our list doesn’t have everything they could possibly want (No, Buddy, you can’t have a dozen pizzas!), but with every purchase from our wish list, donors will surely hear and understand their happy howls and merry meows. Help make more tails wag and eyes gleam with joy today by visiting and sharing our wish list today!

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Calling all Amazon shoppers! The task of giving back can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! You have the power to show your support for animal rescue with one small gesture. In this cursory action, you have the potential to make a real difference. By simply going to and choosing AMA ANIMAL RESCUE as your beneficiary, you will contribute simply by doing what you love and enjoy- SHOPPING! Vaccinations, food, beds, toys and medical assistance when needed, quickly sum up far too rapidly at times. Nonprofit organizations, like AMA, deal with financial challenges every day. Abandoned and lost animals who have found their way into the hands of our rescuers need the extended generosity of others, and this is why it is so greatly appreciated when people use AMAZON SMILE when shopping on

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Birthday Fundraising

It’s your birthday and every year you get the same old boring birthday presents. Maybe you just have everything you need and are now looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life. Well, you are in luck because a simple click of a button allows you to create a fundraiser for your birthday on Facebook. If every person that follows us and believes in us creates one of these, the ripples of positivity are endless. Not only are you helping to share our story and create awareness for what we do, but the money you raise for us, regardless of the amount, will help save the life of an animal that might not have had a second chance if it weren’t for you. So go on, celebrate your birthday by making a difference. Time to tell everyone what you want for your birthday! Facebook makes it exceptionally easy, all you have to do is click CREATE A FUNDRAISER on our Facebook page and you can start making a difference within a minute or two. Promote your fundraiser amongst your peers, family and friends and raise significant funds to aid the ones who need it most. Change is in your hands. The animals within our organization are relying on you.

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Matching Gift Program

As Ghandi once said, the time to “be the change you wish to see in the world” has now arrived. Such an action sounds difficult and intimidating, often scaring people into believing that any small donation will not be enough to bring forth change. The truth is that every donation we receive at AMA, big or small, enables us to continue our lifesaving work on mistreated animals. Not only can someone like you make an impact with a charitable donation, but you may be able to DOUBLE your donation at no cost. A Matching Gift Program allows for your donation to a charity of choice to be matched by your employer-an easy, logical way to help charities like AMA. A quick inquiry to your HR department can reveal if your organization offers a form of this generous program. This action is a simple way to maximize your support, and help us offer desperately needed medical care to our animals. Ask your Human Resources Representative about a Matching Gift Program, and join us in our mission! Can one person really make a difference? Yes! It is people like you who give from their hearts and know the suffering that some animals go through that are making a difference.

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Set up a donation box in your business

Can a penny make a difference? Of course, it can! But a hundred pennies can make an even bigger difference, and by placing our donation box in your place of business you’ll be helping us collect all those unwanted pennies. So often people discard small change because to them it’s worthless, but to us, that is a portion of expensive surgery or a bowl of food for a malnourished animal. And even more important than the money collected is the awareness that you will be helping us create. An animal in need might find their forever home and a happily ever after simply because someone new came to know about our organization. A donation box in your place of business can mean a lifesaving surgery, a fresh bowl of food, or a clean bed for these previously mistreated animals. Whether it is a formal donation or a customer’s spare change, these contributions mean the world to stray animals who have lost everything. Items like a donation box or marketing material may appear small or powerless, but it is actions like these that will ultimately spread awareness and vastly improve lives. Please contact us today if you want to contribute to the lives we save by hosting a donation box in your place of business!

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Would you like to honor the memory of a fur baby that has passed away? Or would you like to do something nice for a friend or a family member who lost their beloved pet? Let their memory live on with your generosity. Your act of kindness will help bring awareness to rescues that need to be saved today. AMA Animal Rescue is able to rescue animals that are victimized and/or abandoned by providing the necessary medical care and shelter. But this is only possible through the kindness and generosity of people like you. Every little bit helps.

There are so many ways to make a positive change in honor of a beloved pet. One way is to become an AMA Angel with a monthly donation that fits in your budget. You can make a one-time or monthly donation. Another way to help is by purchasing a custom bracelet or necklace for yourself or as a gift from our shop.  100% of our shop proceeds will go directly to the medical needs of our fur kids.

Lastly, you can dedicate your birthday on Facebook to raising funds for the organization of your choice. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can honor the memory of an animal by giving another one a chance at life! If you’d like for us to send a personalized message to the family of the deceased pet, please email us the information at Thank you kind AMA supporters!

Too young to join?!

If you are eager to help our organizations mission but cannot join any of the departments for one reason or another, there are other ways to help. We are always in need of funding and supplies. You can do a fundraiser by selling stuff for double its price and donating the extra proceeds to the organization or simply holding a donation drive where you collect the supplies we need at the moment by explaining to others your goal and mission. We have a lot of different literature we can provide to people that explains thoroughly who we are for the day of the fundraiser for your distribution. Let us know which direction you were interested in going. Please inquire with your school if this is something they would allow and welcome.

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