Birthday Fundraising

It’s your birthday and every year you get the same old boring birthday presents. Maybe you just have everything you need and are now looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life. Well, you are in luck because a simple click of a button allows you to create a fundraiser for your birthday on Facebook. If every person that follows us and believes in us creates one of these, the ripples of positivity are endless. Not only are you helping to share our story and create awareness for what we do, but the money you raise for us, regardless of the amount, will help save the life of an animal that might not have had a second chance if it weren’t for you. So go on, celebrate your birthday by making a difference. Time to tell everyone what you want for your birthday! Facebook makes it exceptionally easy, all you have to do is click CREATE A FUNDRAISER on our Facebook page and you can start making a difference within a minute or two. Promote your fundraiser amongst your peers, family and friends and raise significant funds to aid the ones who need it most. Change is in your hands. The animals within our organization are relying on you.

Create a birthday fundraiser today!