Donation Boxes

Can a penny make a difference? Of course, it can! But a hundred pennies can make an even bigger difference, and by placing our donation box in your place of business you’ll be helping us collect all those unwanted pennies. So often people discard small change because to them it’s worthless, but to us, that is a portion of expensive surgery or a bowl of food for a malnourished animal. And even more important than the money collected is the awareness that you will be helping us create. An animal in need might find their forever home and a happily ever after simply because someone new came to know about our organization. A donation box in your place of business can mean a lifesaving surgery, a fresh bowl of food, or a clean bed for these previously mistreated animals. Whether it is a formal donation or a customer’s spare change, these contributions mean the world to stray animals who have lost everything. Items like a donation box or marketing material may appear small or powerless, but it is actions like these that will ultimately spread awareness and vastly improve lives. Please contact us today if you want to contribute to the lives we save by hosting a donation box in your place of business!

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