Matching Gift Program

As Ghandi once said, the time to “be the change you wish to see in the world” has now arrived. Such an action sounds difficult and intimidating, often scaring people into believing that any small donation will not be enough to bring forth change. The truth is that every donation we receive at AMA, big or small, enables us to continue our lifesaving work on mistreated animals. Not only can someone like you make an impact with a charitable donation, but you may be able to DOUBLE your donation at no cost. A Matching Gift Program allows for your donation to a charity of choice to be matched by your employer-an easy, logical way to help charities like AMA. A quick inquiry to your HR department can reveal if your organization offers a form of this generous program. This action is a simple way to maximize your support, and help us offer desperately needed medical care to our animals. Ask your Human Resources Representative about a Matching Gift Program, and join us in our mission! Can one person really make a difference? Yes! It is people like you who give from their hearts and know the suffering that some animals go through that are making a difference.

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